Interview Dr. Goiz about coronavirus or covid-19 cure

Interviewer Carlos Gil meet Prof. Dr. Isaac Goiz-Duran
discoverer of the “par biomagnetico” 32 jaar evidence based biomagnetism practice.
We interview him on a topical subject: the subject of coronavirus or ‘new’ COVID-19.


Interviewer Carlos Gil

Can you comment on the COVID-19 treatment ?

Dr. Isaac Goiz
Honorary Research Professor
UAH Madrid

Prof. Dr. Isaac Goiz-Duran

About the coronavirus we can say the following. I assure you that no virus is lethal, not even the coronavirus… We have known this virus since 2000 and apparently a lot of people carry this virus with them. Viruses such as the HIV virus, the coronavirus, the hepatitis B virus or any other virus only become lethal when they can cooperate with other pathogens. In the case of the coronavirus, we understand that the virus can collaborate with the bacillus pertussis, or bordetella pertussis. For the past hundred years this pathogen has been known to us in Mexico as TOSFERINA and became important together with tuberculosis control.

I worked for 20 years as a doctor in the Istituto Nacional de Pneumología. There I studied all possible lung diseases and treated people. Today’s lung specialists seem to have forgotten that in 1970 all hospitals for tuberculosis and lung diseases here in Mexico were closed down at the instigation of a well-known primary physician. It was not until 1980 that the National Institute for Respiratory Diseases was established.

The subject of respiration has a very broad field, but it is not the same as Pulmonology in which all interferences for the development of pulmonary diseases were dealt with. To make this difference once more clear: I listened to an interview with the director of the National Institute for Respiratory Diseases last night. In it he explained that the HIV virus causes AIDS. But with all due respect, in my opinion there is no AIDS virus at all. AIDS is a complex disease, and the virus in question is an acquired autoimmune virus that acts like a retrovirus. But to this day, we don’t know an exact picture of this retrovirus…

The coronavirus, on the other hand, has been studied from different angles; from a biochemical point of view and from a biological point of view, but (unfortunately) not from an energetic point of view. The coronavirus appears to become fatal when it can make use of (for example) Bacillus Pertussis.  But if you switch off one of the two elements (virus or bacteria), you can save the patient’s life.

Does this mean that Biomagnetism can be used to successfully treat the coronavirus or COVID 19?

Yes, and I don’t understand why they changed the name! It is and remains the Corona Virus. Why do they call it COVID 19? Because doctors and scientists want to believe it’s a new virus? But it’s about the Corona Virus, which has always been there.

Can we say that the virus has new origins?

No, all viruses are the same, regardless of their origin! And thanks to bio-energetics, every virus of the same family can be detected, treated and conquered.

Is there already a biomagnetic pair to treat the coronavirus…

Yes, these corona pairs. The symptom that this corona-family member showed was urethritis with conspicuous cystitis and/or inflammation of the lower urinary tract. But I repeat: the only thing viruses produce is inflammation and fever.

Only when viruses can associate with other pathogens – especially bacteria – they become lethal.

So the danger with the Coronavirus is the link with the bacillus pertussis?


I’d like to make an appeal to the director of the Istituto Nacional de Enfermedades Respiratorias.  For my treatment, I don’t need to touch a patient or even visit or see the patient. All I need is a clear identification of the patient’s name and place of residence, or the number given to the patient, as I understood from hospital circles, and the Hospital name. Then I want to try to heal the patient they refer me to. After all, I have already succeeded once in curing a patient who I was allowed to treat remotely with a diagnosis of AIDS/HIV. Until now he is still healthy.

That means that it is possible to treat the coronavirus using bioenergetics?

In such a case with the help of tele-energetics. Yes!

This way you can treat patients from anywhere in the world; in China, Asia, (Europe) or anywhere else.

Special. Can you tell us which other biomagnetic pairs can be associated with the Coronavirus?

Any bacterium that affects the upper respiratory tract, whether it is the pathogen of tuberculosis, mycobacterium tuberculosis, faecal streptococci, pertussis bacillus… But especially the tuberculosis bacterium, which can also be treated with Biomagnetism.

In addition, these corona pairs  relieves the patient of the coronavirus.

Dr. Goiz, is there anything else you’d like to say?

Nothing else but that States and Governments – who think they can only protect people’s health by exclusively sanctioning the evidence-based practice of health authorities, institutions and universities – should give us the right to question current treatment methods and allow us to prove our vision (in a life case).

Well, the phenomenon Biomagnetism has existed since ancient times, but you enjoy wide recognition as the discoverer of the biomagnetic pair?


My treatment practice has become a dual concept. To this day (allopathic) medicine is based on monopoly phenomena (symptoms) and coronavirus is thought and spoken of as an isolated entity (instead of a complex disease – ed)
For more than 30 years my treatment vision has been dual with the idea that diseases are caused by microorganisms and are also determined by their cohesion.

The mortality of a virus is always linked to the presence of a bacteria, so take your time for a full treatment and check all existing pairs.

Can one say that if one fights the bacteria that a (corona) virus can use, the virus itself would die?

In any case, the virus then loses its pathogenic capacity. After all, the bacterium produces the mucoprotein that the virus needs to expand. So if you find the bacterium and kill it, the virus will lose its pathogenic capacity.

Does every virus need a bacterium?

Yes, every virus needs a bacterium!

And the bacteria feeds the virus?

No, the bacteria provides the mucoprotein that activates the virus.

Can you explain what a mucoprotein is among our followers?

Simply put, all viruses consist of two elements: a nucleus, a protein made from DNA and a mucoprotein that surrounds it. This mucoprotein is produced by a bacterium.

If we eliminate the bacteria, the production of the mucoprotein stops and the virus no longer gets the “uniform” with which it can act maliciously.

Let’s revisit what you mentioned in passing about tele-bioenergetics. A patient can be treated at a therapist’s practice, but the patient can also be at the other end of the world while the therapist treats the patient remotely?

Yes, a Biomagnetism treatment can be performed onsite with magnets on the patient’s body, or remotely with magnets on the body of a substitute.

We call it tele-bioenergetics and with it we can reach every patient in the world.

(Tele-bioenegetics? What is it like… A curious and not applied/recognized phenomenon within allopathic health care. Many people have experienced a sensation of a loved one far away, who was in need. This tele-bioenergetics remote treatment works according to the same principle and it works immediately – ed)

Is there anything else you would like to add?

No, only that people here in Mexico need not be afraid of the coronavirus. Because with this method we can keep their disease under control.

Dr. Goiz, thank you for this interview

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